Mozilla Hubs Frequently Asked Questions and Tutorials

CEISMC AT Georgia STEM Leadership Conference 2020


Welcome to the 2020 STEAM Leadership Conference!

Below you'll find information on how you can participate in selected sessions via Mozilla Hubs using a computer, tablet, smartphone, or VR headset.


Quick Start Guide

Step 1: Prior to the conference or during a break, visit Once there, click "Sign In" in the top right-hand corner and enter your email address. A link will be sent to your email that will sign you in to your hubs account.

Step 2: Use the following code to access the hubs room that been created for this conference. The room has a 25 person capacity so if the room fills up, please check back later. Why 25? See our FAQ section below for the answer. The number of people already in a room is listed in the top right-hand corner when you enter.

Room #:

Code: 661298​

Step 3: Follow the onscreen prompts for navigation tips and instructions on how to interact with your peers. More detailed instructions can be found here:

Step 4: Have questions? Need help while you're in a room? Look for the avatar Tim-CEISMC and he'll help answer your questions or resolve any issues you may be having. Here's his avatar! 








Step 5: Hubs is a great way to interact with your peers so enjoy a session with friends, strike up a conversation with someone new, and most importantly have fun!


Why are there multiple virtual spaces for each of the viewing rooms?

The number of people in a single Hubs room is limited, for two reasons. At a practical level, the more people that are in a room, the more powerful a machine is needed to handle the network traffic from voice and data streams, and to render all the avatars in real time. So, each room is limited to 25 participants. But, even if we could handle more people in one room, the social spaces quickly become visually cluttered, harder to navigate, and loud when many people are present. One of the advantages of online social video co-watching is that you can chat with others nearby, and spread out so you don’t disturb others. This becomes harder the more people are in a room.

Do I need a VR headset to join the VR social space?

No. Hubs runs in most web browsers. On 2D displays, you use the mouse and keyboard to move around. In VR, you use relatively common VR movement controls, a combination of teleporting and moving with the wand controls.

I’ve never used Hubs or any 3D virtual world. Will this be hard to use?

We've included a tutorial video below created by the team who recently hosted the IEEE VR conference.  Additionally, if you visit now, you can create a room and experiment on your own to learn the controls and see what’s possible. The Hubs Wiki has overviews of the controls and capabilities of hubs, how to use it on desktops or in VR, and other tips on making the Hubs experience enjoyable.

Hubs Basics - covers controls and other basics for those new to the platform (​

What are the rules? Can I talk with others? Use hubs features like dropping in media or drawing in the space?

In line with the Code of Conduct, you should not do things that negatively affects other peoples’ experience. If you would like to chat with others, please be aware that your audio can be heard by other members of the room, but does fall off over distance. The room is big so that you can move away from others if you want to chat, but please try not to disturb others during the talks.

Purposely adding content to the rooms to disrupt the experience for others will be considered a Code of Conduct violation.​

If someone is engaging in behavior that I feel violates the Code of Conduct, how can I report it?

If you wish to report a breach of the conduct and safety statement, this can be done via email to the STEAM Leadership Conference Committee at All reports will be treated confidentially.