STEM Leadership Conference 2023 Georgia Tech


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The 2024 STEAM Leadership Conference at Georgia Tech will provide an inspiring array of experiences to build and engage STEAM for our 8th annual conference that will take place on Friday, March 8, (virtual) and Saturday, March 9, (in-person) 2024.


The Future and Beyond: Workforce Development, Critical Thinking, Innovation

In today's rapidly changing world, it is vital that we bridge gaps between education and industry. As educators and experts of knowledge, we must provide opportunities to develop critical thinking skills to help the next generation analyze, evaluate and make informed decisions. As the world evolves, it is imperative that we foster innovation to help us adapt to the changing environment and successfully prepare the future workforce for new and emerging roles.

Attending the conference this year you can expect to: 

  • Be Empowered to connect your curriculum and foster student engagement and workplace readiness;
  • Emphasize Opportunities to build upon 21st century skills through lived experiences in the classroom;
  • Revolutionize STEAM learning; and,
  • Reignite your excitement and passion for success in the classroom.
Full conference schedule can be found here.

Workforce Development: Advancing Interdisciplinary STEM ​
This track will focus on how STEM education can prepare students for diverse career opportunities and address the growing demand for STEM professionals in various industries. Think about how are you incorporating interdisciplinary learning in STEM education to tackle diverse and unusual sets of challenges to equip the next generation with the knowledge and skills essential for success in a rapidly changing world. 

Change Knowledge Consumers to Knowledge Producers​
Emphasizing the importance of diversity in STEAM education, this track will explore teaching methods, project-based learning, and experiential education models that enhance student engagement and strategies to make STEAM fields more inclusive for underrepresented groups. 

Bridging Inspiration and Innovation ​
This track invites participants to share their research findings, best practices, success stories, and innovative approaches to transform STEM education. We specifically encourage faculty engaged in broader impacts or other research-based efforts that include K-12 and/or higher education teaching innovations to participate. This conference track seeks to foster a vibrant and dynamic community dedicated to advancing STEM education, ensuring a brighter and more inclusive future for all. 

Arts and Technology​ ​
Art and technology education is more than just the integration of tools and software; it represents a transformative approach to learning that encourages students to think critically, solve complex problems, and express their ideas through diverse mediums. This track seeks to bring together educators, researchers, practitioners, and enthusiasts who are dedicated to advancing art and technology education at all levels.

AI in the Classroom and Beyond​
This conference track explores how artificial intelligence (AI) can enhance teaching and learning in various educational settings. The track will feature presentations and panel discussions on topics such as the current and future applications of AI in the classroom, such as adaptive learning, digital assistants, and chatbots; best practices and challenges of integrating AI into the curriculum, and; the skills and competencies that students and teachers need to thrive in an AI-driven world.


STEAM decision makers – school leadership, curriculum and after school coordinators, informal educators, principals, teacher leaders and artists.